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About Me


Artist Biography

With different successful exhibitions under her belt, Francesca CISKA Citarella is an Italian seasoned visual artist. She focuses on the sensual and wild nature of art, aiming to depict the complications of life and soul through a combination of color, texture and materials, inviting the viewer to see himself and the reality in diverse ways. Her works allow her to constantly explore the human world and her way of looking at things. At the core of her artistic philosophy is a desire to be natural and express herself in her own unique way by relying on her instincts to express the essence of the subject, a bridge between soul and substance.

In a recent personal art exhibition, she said “I painted what I saw, I joined in these paintings. The colors were asking. My unconscious was talking about. The free spirit in me prevaricated. I traveled without moving. Because the trip was in me, to fuck me up of wonder!”

Francesca Citarella is graduated in Literature and Theatre Studies at “Università degli Studi Aldo Moro” and in Performing Art at “Unika” Academy, in Bari (Italy). She attended the C.U.T.A.M.C. (University Centre of Theatre, Visual Art, Music and Cinema) and different stage and master in Italy. She collaborates with the “Notterrante” Theater Company and different cultural/artistic organizations and started to make performances by integrating painting and theatre. Besides, she takes part in personal and collective art exhibitions in the national territory.

In recent years she approached at the world of Art-therapy and Reiki Usui and makes personal workshops of Painting Theatre: a fusion of theatrical exercise, art-therapy and dynamic meditation, culminating in emotional painting.

She moved to Bristol in September 2018. From February 2019 she conducts workshops designing and making the mosaic with children of St. Barnabas Primary School as part of a project coordinated by the Artist Barbara Disney. The mosaic will then be installed in a new courtyard area behind Ashley Court, Sussex Place in St Pauls, Bristol (UK). In March she takes part in the project “We all come from somewhere”: a series of participatory events exploring the importance of human movement around the world, coordinated by ARTEMOTION.

From May her artworks will be displayed at the third Leigh Court Open Exhibition held by Fill That Space and at The Nordic Café, in Bristol (UK).

Besides her specializations, she has an extreme passion to work with everything is visual, from painting to photography to many other fields. She takes pride in her artwork and strives to get better with each project. Her ambition is to contribute to improving people life with Art and sharing skills and knowledge with the Community.

Some Art Exhibitions:

  • From 21 May 2019: Individual Art Exhibition at The Nordic Café, Bristol (UK)
  • 24 May – 27 August 2019: Leigh Court Art Exhibition by Fill That Space,
    Bristol (UK)
  • Currently: Individual and Collective Art Exhibition online
  • September 2017: “I colori della luce”, Individual Art Exhibition in Janora Museum, Irsina (Italy)
  • 23 May – 16 June 2017: “I colori della luce”, Individual Art Exhibition in
    eCampus Università, Bari (Italy)
  • July – September 2016: GlobalArt, Collective Art Exhibition itinerant,
    National Territory (Italy)
  • 03 – 05 July 2015: Open Gallery, Collective Art Exhibition in VoXart Ass.,
    Bari (Italy)
  • 06-21 July 2013: FacèArts, Collective Art Exhibition in Fondazione
    Palmieri Onlus, Lecce (Italy)

About her Art:

“… she doesn’t hesitate to invade the framework when the painting wants more space. And she, sometimes, use a wire to contain the rage of her characters…”
(2017, Vinicio Coppola, article on Quotidiano di Bari)

“… just look at Citarella to understand that the world of this artist is her world, no matter what… Her artworks are appreciated at first sight, as happens with things or people of character. And isn’t only love, at first sight, have the goodness to review them… will start to get inside as happens after the connexion with a person with a big personality.”
(2017, Massimo Diodati, Individual Art Exhibition Curator)

“…the artist has a fine flavor relationship with the choice of materials strictly earthy. The reality raises a deep involvement.”
(2016, Carlo Roberto Sciascia, Art Critic)